Lego Masters

Nine, Monday, 7.30pm

“Hang in there you sweet massive lump,” host Hamish Blake tells a massive Lego build getting put through a stress test, and it’s testament to the brick-by-brick joy of this geeky reality show that his exhortation is both ludicrous and compelling. With the teams down to six, the challenges are growing in difficulty, but what’s ever-present on Lego Masters is the all-ages fun, welcome edge of silliness, and intellectual tweaks.

Lego Masters, season 2.

Lego Masters, season 2.Credit:Nine Entertainment

With his jumper toned down, Blake and judge Ryan “the Brickman” McNaught guide teams through an earthquake-like challenge where their 1.2 metre tall towers have to survive a mechanised shake plate. Some teams forsake aesthetics for bulk, but whatever the theory the practical test finale is a delight as the blocks absorb increasing force in ways that would make an engineer tearful.

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