Albus Lumen “Licentia” dress, $590. Longines “Conquest Classic” watch, $3275 (worn throughout).

Albus Lumen “Licentia” dress, $590. Longines “Conquest Classic” watch, $3275 (worn throughout).Credit: David Mandelberg

Co dress, $1349, from David Jones.

Co dress, $1349, from David Jones.Credit:David Mandelberg

Tell us about your role with Longines as a friend of the brand.
I’ve always been a fan of Longines, and they approached me to help launch the Conquest Classic watch. I jumped at the opportunity because, as they say, “Elegance is an attitude”. I’ve always been a huge fan of that ethos.

What else are you working on?
We finish shooting Dynasty in April, and after that I’d love to write. I’m working on some scripts. I love to pursue my own creative endeavours.

Modelling, acting or writing – which would you choose?
I started acting when I was five years old and that’s always the priority. Modelling took off and came to the forefront for a couple of years, but acting has been my main focus for the last six years, so I’ll definitely continue pursuing that.

You moved overseas to model when you were quite young, right?
Yes, when I was 16, I finished high school and went to New York for modelling. But soon after that I was booked for [2015’s] Strangerland with Nicole Kidman and that brought acting back to centre stage. It was very special working with her.

Proenza Shouler dress, $3249, from David Jones.

Proenza Shouler dress, $3249, from David Jones.Credit:David Mandelberg

What was it like living in New York by yourself when you were 16?

My parents came with me the first couple of trips but when I left high school I went over on my own and was there for six months. A lot of people had this idea of it being really glamorous and lots of partying, but I’ve never been one for any of that. I’ve always been the one staying at home, watching the news and doing the laundry. I’m a very normal, type-A person. I don’t leave the house too much.

You’ve gathered over half a million followers on Instagram – how does that feel?
In the scheme of things, it’s not a crazy amount but it’s definitely something I’m more conscious of as more people follow me. I’m more wary of what I’m posting and what I’m sharing and maintaining my privacy.

Are their responses generally positive or do you get trolled?
It’s a mix. I’d say for the most part people are pretty positive, but I have received the odd death threat.

Matteau dress, $540, from My Chameleon.

Matteau dress, $540, from My Chameleon.Credit:David Mandelberg

Death threats? Really? Yeah, but it’s fine. Being in the public eye, people want to form an opinion of you based on an impression they’ve drawn of you.

Is this just one of the unavoidable downsides of fame?
I’ve always known that if you are successful in this industry, fame is a by-product of that. The more people see you, especially on the screen, the more they feel they know you and can relate to you and are interested in your personal life. It’s not a downside, per se, just another facet of this job.

A lot of people would be very interested in your personal life.
I’ve always had this position that personal life is personal, and I would like to keep my privacy intact for as long as I can.

Fashion editor Penny McCarthy. Photographer David Mandelberg. Hair Keiren Street using Wella Professional. Make-up Filomena Natoli using Chanel. Fashion assistant Archie Pham.

The Longines Conquest Classic watch is available online at and in-store at Longines Boutiques in Melbourne and Sydney.

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale December 15.

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