Alice Zaslavsky knows the A-Z of food. Back in 2012, she quit her teaching job to leap headlong into the MasterChef lottery, surviving a season of furious cookery before falling to a Newcastle electrician named Andy.

Not to worry. Andy was handy, and Alice relished the experience, opting to fuse her two worlds – classroom and kitchen – into a career of food literacy. You may know her from the News Breakfast couch, tempting Michael Rowland to eat a scud chilli. Or recognise her face from Short Cuts to Glory. Or covet her dish-pics served on Instagram @aliceinframes.

Radio too, where I last caught Alice uttering a home truth. In case you missed the memo, suburbia has gone bananas over baking. Stuck indoors, we are vying for sourdough one-upmanship, and Ms Z knows why: “When we lack control, something like baking makes sense. You follow a recipe, you know what you’re expecting, and you see the end result. It’s a place of solace.”

Sourdough on the go: Dan Lepard's sourdough loaf with seeds and olives.

Sourdough on the go: Dan Lepard’s sourdough loaf with seeds and olives.Credit:William Meppem

Crosswords offer a similar reward, I realised. Consider Pearl Harbour. The scene was carnage on Oahu in 1941. Just after dawn, early December, Japanese squadrons strafed the US naval base, sinking 18 ships in half the time of the Hollywood version, starring Ben Affleck.

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